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2020 - Time To Revisit Annual Goals

I'm a big believer goal setting and January of a new year is an optimal time to re-evaluate previous goals and establish goals for the upcoming year.   As individuals, we tend to over-estimate what we can get done in a day or week, but often underestimate what we can get done in a longer time period such as a year or decade.  Writing down goals is the first step in achieving something you really want in life.

Remember, when creating goals, use the SMART framework.  Specific.  Measurable. Attainable.  Relevant.  Time-Based.   

I generally tend to write three main goals in each area of life that I focus on and try to make sure I achieve each and every one of these throughout the year.  My main categories are: Family, Health, Career, Projects/Travel, and Learning/Education.

If you have never given written goals a shot, I highly recommend it.  You may surprise yourself with what you can achieve!


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