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We focus on what is next for your financial situation and continually look for additional opportunities to improve your overall wealth. We communicate each step along the way.


You get the detailed attention from two advisors that can be with you for the long run. In addition, our business structure is set up to maximize client privacy.


Our experience in blending investment analysis and comprehensive wealth planning into one cohesive strategy. This is compounded by our attention to detail ingrained in us from our accounting/engineering backgrounds.

Benefits of Working with BPC


We put our clients’ interests ahead of our own and are not paid by any other financial companies to sell products.

disciplined approach

We utilize a disciplined academic approach based on empirical studies to construct & manage globally diversified portfolios.


BPC employs an investment philosophy designed to mitigate/minimize the downsides of human behavior when it comes to investing.


We want to understand your goals and challenges.  Using our experience, we aim to guide you as we would act in your shoes.  We want to be your long-term financial resource.

comprehensive planning

Our planning covers a broad range of topics including retirement decisions, investments, taxes, insurance, Social Security, pensions, estate documents, and liabilities.

risk analysis

We frame all financial decisions around risk, striking a balance between your need and ability to take investment risk.

low fees

Investment fees matter and can dramatically reduce returns, particularly over long-term horizons.  View our industry-low fee structure.

regular communication

We provide regular updates and analysis of your plan.  These include quarterly reports, monthly newsletters, annual plan updates, and much more.

Time horizon

We are positioned to help you achieve a lifetime of financial success. We have a great blend of experience and knowledge with a bright future ahead.

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