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3 Winning Traits for Professionals

Recently, both Doug and I learned of two medical experiences that involved getting a second professional opinion.  The families are just fine now (so there is no need to worry) but it was very enlightening and we felt a strong correlation to the financial advisory industry. Below are three key components which helped immensely.

Technical Expertise In one instance, seeking an alternative diagnosis from another physician provided a completely new understanding of the situation.  During the initial hospital stay, the first doctor group was not able to accurately diagnose the condition and instead took the best “suitable” approach.   In contrast, the second doctor group had experience with this very specific condition.  With that experience, a prompt and complete diagnosis was given, potentially eliminating a week or more of hospital stays and thousands of dollars in unneeded medical costs.

Communication In the other situation, the family received a medical opinion, but the communication was unclear regarding their loved one’s prognosis.  This confusion caused the family to worry and seek a second opinion which yielded the same clinical diagnosis.  However, it was paired with a clear and concise delivery and additional context that alleviated their concern.

Timeliness In both situations, the families experienced a significant time delay between medical testing and the physician communicating the results. For the acute medical situations, getting results quickly and effectively was extremely important to them.

Similar to medicine, technical expertise, communication skills, and timeliness are all crucial skills for your financial advisor. At BPC, we strive to be the number one provider in each of these three areas.  It may sound cliché, but our overarching goal is to treat our clients the same way we would want our family treated.


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