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Are Your Online Passwords Secure?

How are you keeping track of your passwords for all of your online accounts? Let me guess: sticky notes, a special password notebook in your home office, or the same password for all accounts. Am I close?

If you haven’t used a password manager to store secure passwords, here is a look at how they work. Password Manager Concept

  1. Remember one very hard password to log into your password manager account.

  2. After logging into your password manager, all other passwords are stored and pre-populated whenever you visit a website.

  3. Each online account has a unique random string of characters as a password so that if one account is compromised, all your other passwords are still secure.

Personally, I am a big fan of LastPass.  The amount of time I have saved not having to track down written passwords or reset forgotten passwords is immeasurable. You can also find reviews of several other top providers in the marketplace here.

So for all you sticky note users, there is certainly a better way for you to manage your online passwords and to make your online life more secure.  Give it a shot.


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