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Coronavirus: A Financial Planning Perspective

The Coronavirus has created significant uncertainty in the financial markets for the past few weeks.  As such, we wanted to take a step back and provide a framework of what the market movements mean for long-term financial plans.   

At the onset, BPC Advisors focuses on creating sustainable long-term financial plans with and investment plans with appropriate levels of risk for clients we work with. Our planning process takes into account current market expectations as well as uncertainty around those expectations, including various "what-if" scenarios of potential future market conditions.  As such, market downturns are something that we have already considered as part of our clients' individual financial plans.

All financial plans are a snapshot in time, and we believe that periodic updates are key to long-term financial success.  The financial planning software we use, RightCapital, has a feature that allows all financial plans to be updated daily to reflect changes in portfolio values.  This allows BPC Advisors to monitor overall financial plan health in real-time.  In addition, there is a client access view where you can see your plan.  If this is something you are interested in, please let us know and we would be happy to set it up.

Finally, if you have questions regarding how the markets have affected your personal financial plan, we encourage you to set up a financial plan update meeting. 


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