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Coronavirus COVID-19 - Direct News Sources

The mainstream news is often an echo chamber that can amplify reality with a goal of increasing readership or viewership.  The current outbreak of the Coronavirus is quite serious, but we leave it up to the experts at the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international entities to disseminate the correct information regarding the outbreak.  We wanted to share several links regarding the statistical information and precautionary measures from the most reputable sources.

World Health Organization's Situational Dashboard- WHO's up-to-date statistics by total infections, deaths, countries, and timeline. 

Coronavirus Statistics - provided by Worldometer- Up-to-date statistics regarding the Coronavirus including breakdowns by country, age, previous health conditions, and symptoms from an aggregation of many news sources.  In addition, Worldometer also compares the Coronavirus and the common seasonal flu death rates (LINK).  


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