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Discover New Websites

Trello – Quite possibly the best project management and organizational website I have ever seen.  With a very simple interface, Trello allows users to move around virtual post-it notes to stay organized.  I have used Trello for everything from grocery lists to keeping track of my annual goals.  If you enjoy staying organized, Trello is worth a look.  (Mobile app available)

Goodreads – A social based website for books.  My favorite feature of Goodreads is the ability to track books that you have read.   I have updated all books that I have read in recent memory and enjoy adding to the list. In addition, Goodreads provides excellent book summaries to create my upcoming “to read” list. (Mobile app available) Udemy – I stumbled upon this online learning website just a month ago.  With reasonably priced, well produced courses, Udemy actually holds my attention in an online learning environment.  My favorite feature is the video speed button that allows courses to be viewed at 1.5-2x. (Mobile app available)

Unsplash – With the motto of “Photos for Everyone”, Unsplash is a community based website sharing free, high resolution photography.   Simply scrolling through some of the amazing images uploaded daily is a therapeutic experience.

If you have any favorite websites I should look into, please let me know!


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