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Don’t Wait to Backup Your Irreplaceable Photos!

If your house was on fire, what would you grab after family members and pets were safe? For many people, photos would be the next item on the list.   What about if your hard drive on your computer crashed?  Would you lose memories of children or grandchildren’s birthdays?

Today, it is incredibly easy to make sure that your digital photos are backed up online.  In addition, there are also services that will scan printed photos for you so they are also forever backed up for generations to come.  Below are recommendations on where to get started so that your memories aren’t lost forever.

Photo Backup Services Google Photos (available online, on iOS and Android) – Google offers a tremendous photo backup service.  I personally have every digital photo from 2000 and forward backed up on my Google account.

Apple Photos – If you are currently engulfed in the Apple product universe, Apple Photos could also be an excellent solution to backup your memories as well.

Photo/Video Scanning Services For photo and video scanning, there are many services out there to choose from.  Each offer pros/cons that should be considered. is a fantastic resource to find the best services/products available online and a great resource here.

One Final Thought  Every Christmas, my father videoed our Christmas day celebrations.  We always joked about this videotaping and tripod setup.  A few years ago, I took 5 VHS tapes and had them digitally converted as gifts for my brothers/sisters.  Now, 6+ years after my father has passed away, I do not know where the remaining tapes are, but the digital videos I have are securely backed up to Google Photos.  I now know that my girls will get to share in memories of their grandpa when he was alive and well.  That is priceless.


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