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January 2022 - BPC Company Update

This year marks a milestone for us here at BPC Advisors. We just ended our fifth year in business and are currently managing over $125 million in client assets. In 2021, our client assets under management grew approximately 12% as we continue to work with new households through client and professional referrals. We look to continue this growth in 2022 and beyond, with our proactive approach to financial advice.

Throughout the pandemic, we have had the opportunity to expand the services that BPC Advisors provides. We now have capabilities to meet with clients in a virtual environment with Zoom meetings. We have also invested in technology solutions that allow us to provide even more comprehensive financial planning and tax planning advice.

Both Geoff and I continue to enjoy being financial practitioners with the capacity to help additional friends and families. We continue to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own and strive to have our clients be treated how we would like our families treated. We are confident we can help clients navigate financial decisions and use money as a tool to achieve desired goals.

Thank you for your continued confidence and trust.


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