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Medicare Open Enrollment

If you are over 65 and already in the Medicare system, the annual open enrollment period is from October 15th to December 7th.  This is the window of time where you can sign up for, change, or cancel Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement, and Medicare prescription drug plans.  Questions to ask yourself this enrollment period:

  • Has my medical condition changed in the past year?

  • Do I expect to have higher medical needs in the coming year?

  • Did I pay for medical benefits that I do not think I will need or want?

  • Have my prescription drugs changed?

While the best option can be complicated to determine, there are many publicly available resources that can help with the process. is the official government website of Medicare and a great place to start.  AARP is also a great resource and has its own Medicare plans.   Finally, many pharmacies will help analyze your current prescription drugs to see what the best available plan may be.   


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