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Recent Articles Worth Sharing

We want to help filter out some of the media noise and share a few high-quality articles that are worth reading:

The Happiness Equation – Dimensional  A simple article applying Mo Gawdat’s happiness equation to current market Google X described the equation for happiness as:

HAPPINESS ≥ Your Perception of the EVENTS of your life − Your EXPECTATIONS of how life should behave

Why Investing is Simple But Not Easy – Forbes In times of market volatility, it is great to step back and focus on what truly matters when investing.  This article does the trick!

Retire To Something The title says it all.  A simple concise list to think when envisioning day-to-day life in retirement.

A Question of Equilibrium – Dimensional The market is up.  The market is down.  There always has to be a buyer for every seller.   A great article on how the stock market reaches a balance.


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