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Time vs. Money – Finding a Balance

The concept of time vs. money has come up several times recently in client meetings and continues to ensnare my thoughts.  I was also reminded of this while watching the 2011 movie In Time.  Yes, the acting may not be Oscar-worthy, but the concept of directly substituting time as a currency instead of money is fascinating.

After further reflection, I see the following cycle: Step 1: Use time to earn money Step 2: Use money to create time Step 3: Repeat

Initially, money is the more important factor since we require it to provide shelter, food, clothing, etc.  Once money is great enough, time becomes the driving factor.  If you are reading this, you are an excellent saver and certainly in Step 2.

So what does this all mean?

First, plan so that all money needs are in-place for your long-term goals.  Then, don’t be afraid to use money as a tool to save time (or to create moments – see below).   Feel free to go on that family vacation you have been talking about for years or hire an accountant instead of doing your own taxes.

Personally, I try to think what the octogenarian version of myself would want when faced with a time vs. money decision.


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