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Why Choices Are A Bad Thing!

I will admit it, this article is written purely out of recent frustration.  After having lunch at Panera Bread, I was asked no less than 8 questions to complete a simple order.  Afterward, I had decision fatigue from the ordering process alone.  Cup or bowl; special salad dressing; try a special lemonade, chips, apple or bread; if bread, French bread or sprouted grain roll; add a cookie for a dollar; do you have a MyPaneraCard; would you like a receipt…   ENOUGH.  I’m going to skip Panera next time I go out to lunch purely because of the options and upselling.

Taking a step back, I can’t help but see how this is happening in the investment universe as well.  There are now super specialized ETFs and mutual funds that target such a small percentage of the market.   Argentina only investments, we can do that.  Timber and Forestry, done.  Investing in the rare earth metals mining companies, easy.  Unfortunately, the ever-expanding investment options create decision fatigue and detract from the purpose of investing.

This is where a financial advisor is more and more important today than ever.  We help our clients filter through the myriad of investment options and focus on what matters: broad market diversification and low investment costs.  In addition, other financial planning items can be just as important as investments.


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